Petroleum Product Marketing and Distribution

Thierry Technologies is a major player in fields of private sector pipeline network construction and the distribution of refined petroleum products to industrial and commercial consumers. We have in our fleet a chain of distribution trucks of various capacities to move products from the Tank farm to our industrial and commercial users.

Apart from distribution, Thierry Technologies is a trader of refined Petroleum products and has storage facilities for coastal and inland petroleum products, as well as the necessary skills, assets and infrastructure for supplying and trading refined products. We understand that Nigeria, and indeed the entire world, needs all the energy it can deliver to sustain life. With our expertise and advanced technology, we are continuously devising new and improved means to deliver needed petroleum products efficiently and effectively to our commercial and industrial clients.

We supply the following petroleum products and offer their logistics to corporate bodies and high net worth individual for PMS (Petrol), AGO (Diesel), DPK (Kerosene) and Lubricants.

Communication Cell Site Management

Thierry Technologies has diversified into cell site development and maintenance in the following areas: Site Acquisition, Project / Construction Management, Architectural and Engineering Services, General Contracting, Network Maintenance Services, Materials Management, RF Accessory Supply, Supply and Installation BTS Materials, Tower and Accessories Supply, Erection and Maintenance, Site Acquisition and Installation Shelter Accessory Supply and Installation, security, Logistic support and others.

The company is comprised of highly experienced indigenous engineers with several years of experience between them. Experience gained over the years of active engineering practice in various sectors of the communication industry has allowed for the development of an innovative engineering culture which has ultimately made Thierry Technologies Nigeria Ltd very competent in cell site building and management across the country. We ensure there is no downtime for the cell sites managed by us; which is a unique quality.

Interior Decoration

At Thierry Technologies, we are committed to offering excellent services for both residential and commercial clients. Every client interior reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Commercial interiors as well are designed to reflect their business brand and work environment. We are truly a brand set to create interiors that are beautiful, functional and practical and of international standard. We help bridge the gap between our client’s ideas and transformation of these ideas into reality through innovative services and products offering. We strongly believe in the concept of sustainable development; environmental, economic and social wellbeing for today without compromising on tomorrow.

Our services in this sector include:

  • Interior Design & Decoration Consultancy
  • Colour Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Space & Furniture Planning
  • Interior Styling & Retail Furnishing
  • Material & Finish Selections
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Designs
  • Window & Wall Treatments

In-Bus Advertising

Buses are a fantastic outdoor advertising format to target passengers who are behind the bus driver. Route planning is an excellent tool as it enables the advertiser to reach their specific target audience if their campaign is locally focused.

Studies have shown that 78% of people do not read Daily Newspaper and 53% of people do not listen to Commercial Radio BUT 86% of people can recall a Bus advert they’ve seen. This makes in-bus advertising using our LED advertising screen very adequate to reach your target market. The screens display high definition video with very audible sound to the attention of passengers thereby passing your message contained therein. At an average of five adverts of one minute each, your message is displayed 180 times a day in a bus. On the average, each bus conveys an estimated two thousand passengers a day according the records available to us. You can imagine the number of people getting your messages on a daily basis. Over 90% of the populace travel in public transport and majority use the big mass transit buses which is very cost friendly.

The low cost of in-bus advertisement makes it a popular and most effective means of sending information about your products and services.

Our 19” LCD Advertising Players with Lagos State Metropolitan Transport Authority on their Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Urban Mass Transport Abuja (Urban Mass), Edo State Transport Corporation and Riveline in Port Harcourt makes us stand out. Passengers can be exposed to your message multiple times for long periods of times each day.

Out-Bus Advertising

Bus external advertisement is an effective and cost-efficient form of outdoor advertising. Bus external advertisements generate valuable impressions quickly leading to behavior-changing frequency levels. Bus external advertisements often travel downtown hourly, are on the busiest expressways, and stop at shopping malls. Bus ads also cover residential and commercial areas of the city not reached by outdoor billboards.

They advertisements by the side of the buses are viewed by people driving in their cars, walking on the sidewalks, or sitting in their offices looking out the windows while front advertisements work especially well for businesses that have easily recognizable logos or advertisers that only need to provide limited information like websites, phone numbers or addresses. On the other hand, Tail advertisement is an excellent way to reach your audience while they are driving or sitting in traffic behind you.

Too often we tend to think of change in a very singular mindset, technology. But technology is not the real issue, not the root cause. It’s an effect, for sure… [but] the real driver of societal change is society itself, not your smartphone.

Body Wrap

This is the full wrap advertisement cover the entire bus including the windows. Full wraps make the most impact and are the most impressive of all bus advertisements.

Bus Wraps attract the eyes of everyone on the street. These oversized, rolling billboards offer advertisers tremendous creative flexibility. Wrapped Buses allow for creativity and drama that's sure to make a lasting impression on all those who walk and drive by.

Full wrap covers the entire exterior of the bus (not all markets). Penetrate busy urban centers and roadways via this eye-catching medium and deliver your message with creative and lasting impact.

Ultra Super king covers a large-format display canvas located in the center of the Bus. Penetrate the market at eye-level and bring Billboards to the streets.

Full back covers the entire back of the bus. Drive your message to potential customers with this highly visible medium, easily seen by pedestrians on both sides of the street, as well as by vehicular traffic.